Eleanor Ellis performing "Texas Easy Street" by Henry Thomas
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Eleanor Ellis & The Bad Dogs

Eleanor Ellis: "The Sun's Gonna Shine"


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Description: John Jackson, John Dee Holeman, Friz Holloway and others perform and reminisce about old-time houseparties in North Carolina and Virginia

Featuring: John Cephas, Phil Wiggins, Archie Edwards, John Jackson, James Jackson, Cora Jackson, Flora Molton, Larry Wise, John Dee Holeman, Quentin "Fris" Holloway

Copyright: 1989, Houseparty Productions

Filmmaker(s): Eleanor Ellis, Jackson Frost

Produced by: Eleanor Ellis

Cinematography: Jackson Frost
Editing: Eleanor Ellis
Sound: Zach Krieger, J.P. Whiteside
Acknowledgements: Associate Producers: Barry Pearson, Joe Wilson, Beill Barllow. Narrator Phil Wiggins