5. Wonder Where My Easy Rider’s Gone
From a recording by Mance Lipscomb. I’ve loved his music for years.

6. Big Road Blues
In the backyard of friends is the remnant of an old country lane. It’s just a fragment,
just a suggestion, but if you stand there for a while and look at it just right you can almost feel
yourself drifting back into time...“down that sunny road and gone. ”

7. In My Girlish Days
Sometimes people ask me if I wrote this song. No, it was Memphis Minnie.
My girlish days weren’t quite this adventurous.

8. The Panic is On
A humorous look at hard times. The details are a bit dated, but the situation
and the sentiments are timeless.

9. Sun’s Gonna Shine One Day
Written by Flora Molton, who sang what she called “spiritual
and truth music” on the streets of Washington DC until her death at age 82 in 1990. Both Phil
Wiggins and I played with Flora, though at different times, and here we team up to do one of her
songs. It was written during the Vietnam war, and was originally called Sun’s Gonna Shine in
Vietnam One Day. I played with Flora in the 1980’s, and at that time I thought the song was really good
but dated - after all, Vietnam had been over for quite a while. Unfortunately, I was wrong. Songs
like this will always be relevant somewhere in the world. The guitar accompaniment in open G was
arranged by the late Ed Morris, Flora’s first music partner, and I do my best to emulate him.   next page