10. Texas Easy Street Blues
Henry Thomas is magical. Some people call him “pre-blues” which
basically means that his songs go back a real long way.

11. Leavin’ Trunk
Something about the playing and singing of Son House inspired my approach to
this song, although the original version comes from Sleepy John Estes. Mike Baytop plays the
bones, which he learned from Mr. Bones at Archie’s barbershop.

12. Me and My Chauffeur
Another Memphis Minnie song. Neil Harpe and I have been doing
this as a duet for a long time, and I’m glad we were able to do it together on this CD.

13. Kansas City
This song is the indirect result of one of Candy and Gail’s famous parties on
Buckhorn Road in North Carolina. I videotaped a lot that day, although at the time people weren’t
particularly enthusiastic about having a camera stuck in their face while they were trying to party.
Lightnin’ Wells was there and I taped him doing this song, which is where I got the basis for the
version I do.

14. Goin’ Away Blues
A great Lottie Kimbrough song. Who can resist lyrics like “I got Cadillac
ways, super ideas - I don’t know what brought me here. Must have been that new canned
city beer ...”        next page